ISI Energy Controls Energy Avenger™ allows all users of this Energy Reduction Technology  (ERT) to keep all existing HID lighting infrastructure.   The Energy AvengerSeries treats the incoming voltage through a bi-leveling reduction in the voltage that treats the ballast and lamp. ISI Energy Controls has developed a series of units from 1 to 600 amps that meet consumer demand. The unit achieves kilowatt voltage savings (15% to 25%) within 20 minutes of commissioning with minimal light loss. The ISI Energy Controls Energy Reduction Technology that is unparalleled in its ability to achieve energy efficiency for magnetic HID lighting.

Reduce Utility Bills

The Energy Avengersystem works to reduce the kilowatt demand of your HID lighting system. The savings produced will lower your energy bill by 15% to 25%.

Reduce Co2 Emissions

By reducing kilowatt demand the Energy Avenger system  lowers greenhouse gas emissions and reduces your carbon footprint.

Click here for our Co2 Emissions calculator.

Testing /Validation

The Energy Avengersystem has been tested by an independent third party, Emerson Power and Spectralux Industries.